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Smelling quantity: an educational lesson plan!

QuantityEles_Lesson Click the link above to find an education lesson plan (PDF) that teachers can use, freely, to teach students about Dr. Plotnik and colleagues’ recent study on how elephant use smell to differentiate between more and less food. If you have any questions about how to implement the lesson plan or about the research, …Read More

“Riiap Raawy” for Elephant Research!

by Sarah Jacobson Doctoral researcher with Dr. Josh Plotnik, Comparative Cognition for Conservation Lab, Hunter College For three weeks in January, I escaped the New York winter and traveled to hot and humid Thailand to start a project observing wild elephants in and around Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary. Through a mixture of hours in the forest, …Read More

Education Formulation – Over 600 Students and Counting!

As Chief Programs Officer for Think Elephants International, one of my main responsibilities is to oversee all of our education initiatives, whether here in the United States or overseas in countries like Thailand. Many people don’t know that we’ve in fact been actively running education programs in the U.S. and/or Thailand since 2010! Think Elephants …Read More

From primates to elephants to primates to…elephants?

A cognition career path in iteration by Sarah Jacobson As I begin a PhD program studying elephant behavior and cognition, I have been reflecting back on my research career. Five years ago I was getting my first taste of collecting systematic behavioral data on chimpanzees and gorillas as an intern at Lincoln Park Zoo’s Lester …Read More

The Elephant's Perspective in 2018/2019

The Elephant’s Perspective – Our Blog is Back!

            Four of us sat in the watchtower, completely silent except for the occasional striking of a match or the spark of a lighter and the distinct crumpling of tobacco papers. I stood up as quietly as I could, standing now next to P’Nuey, a Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary park ranger …Read More

Think Elephants for Education in 2018!

Thinking like an Elephant in the Big Apple! “Education is our best defense in saving endangered species like Asian and African elephants. Through our education programs, we teach children about the importance of conserving elephants and the widespread effects elephants can have on their ecosystem. More importantly however, we train them on the skills necessary …Read More

Donate to Think Elephants Today!

Help us to help elephants today! Please, consider donating to our research, education and conservation programs. If you would like more details on how your money will be spent, or want to discuss any specifics about our work beyond what you see on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach our …Read More

Josh’s TEDx Talk!

Learn What It Means to Think Elephants!

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