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An RA’s Next Stop: Wyoming

by Lisa Barrett Working as a research assistant for Think Elephants International in 2013-2014 was the most influential experience I’ve had to date in my professional career. The years leading up to my flight to Thailand were stepping stones steering me to this life-changing endeavor, and the months after I returned to the U.S. represent …Read More


Donate to Think Elephants Today!

Help us to help elephants today! Please, consider donating to our research, education and conservation programs. If you would like more details on how your money will be spent, or want to discuss any specifics about our work beyond what you see on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach our …Read More

Sophie's Story!

The Science in Teaching Science: Sophie’s Story!

by Sophie Wasserman I couldn’t tell you exactly when it happened. There is no singular moment, no charming anecdote, no decisive before and after. Looking back on my time with Think Elephants International, I wish I could pinpoint exactly when I knew I was shelving my imagined career as an animal behavior researcher and diving …Read More


Josh’s TEDx Talk!


From Elephants to Turtles: Rebecca’s Passions


Blog: Where Am I Now? An RA’s Journey!

Where Am I Now? By Dan Brubaker Back in 2012, when I was a research assistant for Think Elephants International, I wrote a blog post about how I ended up working with elephants in the Golden Triangle of Thailand. Now, two plus years after my time with TEI, I’m working at the Yerkes National Primate …Read More


Learn What It Means to Think Elephants!

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Blog: Should our great ape cousins be considered people too?

Should our great ape cousins be considered people too? By: Sarah Jacobson   Recently, a court ruling about an orangutan in Argentina was a favorite story for animal lovers globally. Being affiliated with animal causes myself, the story repeatedly popped up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds with excited comments about this historic step forward …Read More

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